Monday, March 28, 2011

DIY #1 : House of Holland inspired earrings

 When I started this blog it was mainly because I knew it was time to start sharing my point of view, my ideas (that are bubbling in my brain), but I didnt know how to make it not just another ordinary blog where you post pictures you like etc, so I wanted to make it more personal, and most of all, I wanted to share my inspiration and my ideas with you, so its time to show my first DIY project. When I was reviewing spring summer collections and I came across House of Holland SS11 I fell in love with these earrings, I mean they are simply that kind of piece than can make and ordinary outfit start shining and are absolutely so simple to replicate! Hope you enjoy!



What you'll need:

 P.S.: If you are having any trouble with the pom poms just go on youtube and there are a lot of  great tutorials explaining it step by step

Sooo, did you like the result??

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